King County Republican Central Committee
2016 Platform


The United States of America was founded on the principles of limited government, personal liberty, and individual responsibility. The proper role of government is to defend these principles and to secure the rights of all citizens. All Americans possess God-given rights recognized and guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.


Our three-branch form of government with its system of checks and balances, as established by the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Washington, is the best in the world. It is designed to protect against those who would seek power and control over us. The Constitution must be preserved and interpreted as the sole basis of U.S. law and the original intent of each section. Our federal government was created by the states and has no power or authority beyond that specifically delegated to it by Article I, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution as amended, with limits reaffirmed in the Bill of Rights. As such, the people and the states bear the responsibility to enforce these limits, thereby preserving our liberties. These include freedom of speech, religion, and association, unhindered by concern for reprisal or coercion; peaceful assembly without disturbance, individual possession of arms, and the right to own and control private property without onerous regulation or abuse of eminent domain.

Economy and Jobs

The free enterprise system is the foundation of the American economy and must be strengthened. Prosperity comes from the initiative, intelligence, and hard work of the American people.

The percentage of Americans active in the labor force is at its lowest rate in decades. Workers have seen declining average wages, and are hurt by the costs and rules that discourage the hiring of entry-level positions. In order for new jobs to be created and existing jobs preserved, we support policies that foster entrepreneurship, recognize the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, encourage relevant educational training, guarantee the right to work, and minimize regulatory burdens.

American consumers have benefited greatly from products made overseas; however, globalization has had an impact on jobs, income, and income disparity. Trade agreements, often crafted in secrecy, lean towards the interests of large corporations and feature technical regulations that favor the politically well connected. The focus of the American economy must be innovation and productivity, instead of lobbying for domestic protection and special interests. Washington state, in particular, depends heavily on trade and exports and therefore requires genuinely “free” trade agreements that open global markets to our goods and services.

Debt, Deficits and Entitlement Reform

Our national debt has reached dangerous levels under this administration, and federal spending must immediately be brought under control. High government debt reduces economic growth and shackles future generations; entitlement spending and interest on the national debt together will soon consume all federal revenue, placing the military budget and all other domestic programs under extreme pressure. Fundamental reforms to ensure that Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid will be there for future generations must begin now. Any reform must recognize that commitments made to current beneficiaries and those nearing retirement are inviolable. In addition to disciplined spending, effective tax reform is necessary to spur economic growth, resulting in the revenues necessary to balance the budget. A simplified and flatter tax code is essential. The Federal Reserve’s focus on suppressing interest rates, and hence borrow-ing costs, disguises the magnitude of the debt threat. Congress should assert its Constitutional oversight of America’s money and credit system by demanding full GAO audits of the Federal Reserve.

The implications of not addressing these issues cannot be overstated. If left unresolved, our country will confront a fiscal crisis entailing, enormous tax increases, the elimination of myriad social programs, and the devaluation of the dollar. We should not force our children and grand-children to pay the price for our lack of action.

National Security

America’s history exemplifies the value of liberty and human rights. Peace through strength must remain our national policy. Preserving a free America requires reversing the dangerous decline in our military forces and honoring commitments to veterans and their families. Due to the rise of new global powers, the spread of terrorism, growing cyber threats, and the proliferation of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, the United States faces unprecedented threats to its near and long term security. Intelligent and realistic deployment of our military forces when the national interest is threatened; rebuilding our partnerships with NATO and other long-time allies, and clear-eyed diplomacy are all essential to safeguarding the national security of the United States.

Immigration and Border Security

America is enriched by the immense benefits that legal immigrants contribute to our economic and cultural vitality. This fact is in no way diminished by the recognition that every sovereign nation has both the right and duty to control its borders and to determine qualifications for citizenship. Our immigration system must prioritize national security and economic needs and a return to the rule of law. Enforcement of existing laws, particularly those governing individuals who have been convicted of felonies, is an absolute obligation of government. Critical, systemic reforms must begin with controlling border security, an issue that goes beyond simple, physical barriers. Entry and exit procedures must be modernized in order to provide better information about those within the country and to ensure the proper monitoring and enforcement of visa overstays. All employers should be required to enroll in taxpayer-funded E-verify to fulfill the condition of Ronald Reagan’s 1986 amnesty that required all employers to verify employment eligibility. E-verify’s reference to a true and correct record of SSN’s, names and visa records effectively combats massive SSN fraud committed by illegal aliens and other ineligible to take employment away from citizens and legal immigrants.

Health Care

Americans deserve quality, affordability, and freedom of choice in their health-care and health-insurance decisions, not a system dominated by the mandates of federal and state governments. The Affordable Care Act (ACA, i.e. “Obamacare”) has failed to provide the former while expanding the latter. Medical, deductible, co-pay, and insurance costs have exploded. Millions have either lost their plans or cannot afford to use them. In contrast to the ACA, all future health care reform must be patient-focused and centered on the personal relationship of individuals with their health-care providers.

Insurance pools for high-risk individuals and the portability of insurance policies to maintain coverage between jobs and during unemployment are vital for all working Americans. At the same time, those receiving health insurance from their union or employer receive much more favorable tax treatment than those buying individual policies, undermining small businesses and the self-employed. This preference should be eliminated. Individuals should not be coerced into buying plans through state and federal exchanges. The consumer’s right to buy health insurance across state lines and meaningful lawsuit abuse reform are vital. Personal choice and responsibility combined with market-based solutions are the best ways of increasing access, ensuring affordability and controlling costs within our health-care system.


Protecting the environment requires humanity’s attention. We promote stewardship of our landscape and work to understand and preserve our environment. Environmental policies should be based on valid and replicable scientific research subject to rigorous debate. We all desire clean water, air and land; and our legal system and property rights allow for remedy against human folly.
The EPA was established to protect human health. Increasingly, regulatory agencies have gone far beyond the clear limits of their statutory authority by writing rules and dictating outcomes significantly beyond the plain language of the law. Recent expansions of carbon regulations and the definition of wetlands depict well this overreach. The EPA’s mismanagement of a Colorado mine’s wastewater proves there is risk with their own actions.

The world faces many environmental challenges far more pressing than climate issues. Any proposed solutions should be based on sound economic analysis, the realistic weighing of costs, and the avoidance of bureaucratic attempts to restructure society to advance collectivism and centralized government.


Sound energy policy is critical to the maintenance of living standards, job creation, and economic development. The
U.S. is an energy-rich country, and it should remain a national priority to responsibly utilize reliable and diverse sources of energy. New technologies have spurred development of our own fossil fuel resources, producing jobs and independence from foreign suppliers. Volatile world energy prices drive energy efficiencies and spur the development of non-carbon based technologies. Alternate or “green” energy programs that return too little in net energy production and do not usefully reduce emissions or usage must be re-evaluated. Energy development should not be distorted by onerous regulatory dictates, subsidies, or crony capitalism.


Effective transportation systems are crucial to the region’s economy and quality of life. Sound Transit, WSDOT, and Metro have a long record of broken promises, unaccountability, and excessive taxation. Transportation agencies must be held responsible for their actions. Expansion of capacity, congestion reduction, improvements to safety and routine maintenance have all been ineffectively prioritized. Tolls and taxes should be used with common sense rather than for the purposes of social engineering and/or coercion.

Port facilities must be modernized and upgraded to stay competitive. Improved access to rail and trucking is required to improve port productivity and reduce traffic congestion. Transit programs with an unacceptably high cost per passenger, which also fail to adequately connect communities, need to be avoided. Our resources are not unlimited; we must redouble our efforts to create sensible, affordable, and integrated plans for the future.

Religious Liberty

The First Amendment states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” The Washington state constitution guarantees: “Absolute freedom of conscience in all matters of religious sentiment, belief and worship, shall be guaranteed to every individual, and no one shall be molested or disturbed in person or property on account of religion.” These rights and freedoms belong to all of us.

Religious freedom provides a place to stand outside of politics; without this vital space, citizens are vulnerable to a state that defines everything, the essence of tyranny. Laws must be written and interpreted in ways that they protect, rather than restrict, a person’s religious beliefs.


It is a paramount duty of the state to make ample provision for the education of all children residing within its borders. Families bear primary responsibility for making their best educational choices. State-funded public and charter schools must meet basic educational standards with an emphasis on reading, writing, world and U.S. history, the Constitution, mathematics, and science. Schools must require all children to learn the English language. Control of curriculum must be maintained by locally elected school boards.


Stable and supportive families are the cornerstone of a free society. It is the right and responsibility of parents to provide for and direct all matters concerning the health and welfare and the academic and moral teaching of their minor children without coercion by the state. Parents have the right to determine the guidance their children receive on all matters and to protect their children from influences which they deem harmful. Communities must support and help families and children in need.


Life is precious and must be respected in both our culture and our laws. We stand with our founders in declaring that each individual has a fundamental, inalienable right to life. We support protection of innocent human life, pre-born or born, through all stages of life, illness, and disability. We support legislative prohibitions on human cloning, infanticide, euthanasia, and partial birth abortion. We approve of stem cell research which does not rely on human embryonic tissue.


King County Republican Central Committee
Chairman: Lori Sotelo

Committee Co-Chairs: Bruce Hand & Paul Clark — 48th District

Platform Committee
Karin Ackerman — 1st District | Tryg Solberg — 32nd District | Chris Welton — 41st District
Dustin Green — 5th District | Paul Barden — 33rd District | Kurt Anderson — 43rd District
Syd Schofield — 11th District | Phil Irvin — 34th District | Brendan Woodward — 45th District
Karen Pettingell — 30th District | Bradley Murg — 36th District | Ralph Kosche — 46th District
Karen Arlt — 31st District | Ryan Wellman — 37th District | Elaine Hill — 47th District.


Resolution to Support the Initiative

Whereas, the Washington State Human Rights Commission enacted WAC 162-32-060 which allows anyone to use the bathrooms, locker rooms and shower rooms that are opposite his or her biological sex if they only allege that they self-identify as the gender of others using the facilities;

Whereas, WAC 162-32-040 further prohibits “asking unwelcome personal questions” or “disclosing the individual’s . . .gender identity . . .or sex assigned at birth against his or her wishes;”

Whereas, it is not possible to objectively determine whether another person self-identifies as transgender or is faking it to gain access to voyeuristic opportunities;

Whereas, this law would allow a man, even a registered sex offender, to use a shower or locker room at the same time as a young girl and any effort to determine whether he really self-identified as a female or warn others of the situation would constitute illegal harassment; and

Whereas, is pursuing an initiative to allow (but not compel) businesses to require patrons to use the private facilities consistent with their anatomical sex; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, that the King County Republican Convention officially endorses the initiative of and encourages all to sign and circulate petitions and to financially support initiative efforts.

Resolved, that the King County Republican Convention supports legislative efforts to accomplish the same purposes of the initiative.

Sound Transit 3 Resolution

Whereas, the current Sound Transit 3 Draft Plan estimates a lower daily light rail ridership than the current King County Metro bus system;

Whereas, the estimated time of completion of this plan is nearly a quarter century;

Whereas, the estimated cost of the Downtown to Ballard line at up to $650 million dollars per mile – $123,000 per foot – is greater than the estimated cost per mile of the Tokyo Maglev;

Whereas, there are still serious questions regarding the feasibility and true cost of the proposed floating rail section over Lake Washington;

Whereas, even at a staggering cost, the plan lacks any form of rapid transit and lacks direct access to a majority of area neighborhoods;

Whereas, the time, cost, and human resources required to implement this semi-functional system will  forestall and prevent any preferable solution;

Whereas, Sound Transit promised to sunset ST2 taxes and now calls for their indefinite  continuation; Whereas, Sound Transit now calls for more taxes to go on top of the continued ones;

Whereas, Sound Transit has a history of cost overruns, “moving goalposts”, dishonest tax  assessments, and massive PR budgets to make up for project shortfalls;

Resolved, the King County Republican Convention recommends against passage of Sound Transit 3. Respectfully submitted by Christopher Welton, King County Republican Party Platform Committee.

Resolution Supporting Sensible I-405 Tolling

Whereas, the WSDOT administration of tolling on I-405 has been frustrating and unclear, Whereas, the WSDOT administration of tolling on I-405 has led to exorbitant tolls,double billing and , accidents for drivers and a loss of income for business in the I-405 corridor, Whereas, the WSDOT administration of tolling on I-405 has not improved commute times or traffic flow,

Whereas, WSDOT has a long record of broken promises to Washington taxpayers and drivers; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, by the KCGOP Convention, that our organization expresses its strong support of State Legislature actions toward ending tolling I-405 and requiring WSDOT focus on the actual goals of improving traffic flow,

Resolved, by the KCGOP Convention, that our organization expresses its strong support of the State Legislature continuing to conduct vigorous oversight of WSDOT.

Respectfully submitted by the KCGOP Platform Committee

Resolution Supporting an Open Internet

Whereas, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was meant to promote competition, reduce regulation, secure lower prices and higher quality services for consumers as well as encourage the rapid deployment of new telecommunications technologies and has in fact done so;

Whereas, this deregulation has permitted an explosion of new and vibrant economic opportunities and made the internet an ever more necessary and valuable part of daily life;

Whereas, repressive governments everywhere view a truly open internet — and the free speech it enables — as a threat that must be blocked, censored and controlled;

Whereas, for twenty years, there’s been a bipartisan consensus in favor of a free and open Internet—one unfettered by government regulation; and

Whereas, in 2015 the supposedly independent F.C.C. proposals to alter internet rules were significantly changed — improperly and behind the scenes — due to unusual and secretive interference and political pressure from the White House; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, by the KCGOP Convention, that our organization expresses its strong opposition to the stealth re- regulation and control of the internet by the Obama Administration and its allied commissioners on the F.C.C. under the false banner of ‘net neutrality’ and that we support returning to a lightly regulated and free internet that is responsive to consumer choice.

Respectfully submitted by, Kurt Anderson 43-2034.

Resolution Supporting Rail Commerce & Safety

Whereas, railroads and shipping have always been fundamental to our states transportation system and vital to a strong and vibrant economy, as our state is one of the most trade dependent states in our nation, and

Whereas, proposals to develop new bulk commodity export terminals which will constitute vital long term trade infrastructure, creating and maintaining many family wage middle class jobs for thousands of citizens of Washington state for many years into the future, and

Whereas, opponents of the use of fossil fuels are attempting to block the development of these projects in a misguided attempt to solve a global environmental problem locally by vilifying select energy commodities and railroad operations, and

Whereas, energy commodities are readily available in the world marketplace and will continue to be utilized for energy production for the foreseeable future, so any efforts to block such commerce places our state at a competitive and economic disadvantage; and\

Whereas, rejection of permits to build these export terminals will not prevent the use of any of these commodities whatsoever anywhere in the world, and would cost our state middle income family wage jobs long into the future; and

Whereas, railroad lines exist in communities throughout our state, it is imperative that we insure that railroad utilities are operated in the safest possible manner, especially when transporting high hazard flammable and explosive commodities; therefore, be it Resolved, by the King County Republican Convention, that we express strong support for the long term economic development, infrastructure, and jobs that these export terminals will create for our citizens; and be it further

Resolved, that we are commodity neutral, and will oppose efforts to vilify any legal commodities as well as the rail transportation industry, and we enthusiastically support the development of bulk commodity export terminals for the economic well-being of our citizens and our state; and be it further

Resolved, that we support increased rail safety provisions being considered by both our Washington State Legislature and our US Congress that would mandate a minimum of two persons on all train crews, and require additional crew members on board trains designated as high hazard flammable trains operating in our state to enhance and insure safe train operations; and be it further

Resolved, that in the interest of public safety we support enactment of pending legislation to limit railroad yardmasters who perform duties similar to that of air traffic controllers, to working shifts of no longer than twelve consecutive hours; and be it further

Resolved, that we support the increased commerce, economic development and long term jobs that a healthy and vibrant and safely operated railroad and export industries provide for our state and our citizens.

KCGOP County Convention 4/16/16

Resolution Opposing the Implementation of a Vehicle Mile Tax/Road Usage Fee

Whereas, the State of Washington has one of the highest gas taxes in the nation, and despite the funds appropriated from this revenue source as well as from property tax, car tabs, toll roads and taxes on the freight trucking industry, the State still wants more revenue;

Whereas, the State has appropriated money for a study on how to implement a tax for each mile we drive;

Whereas, the vehicle mile tax / road usage fee is not a legitimate way to tax the public. We have already paid taxes to build roads and highways, and the purpose for building a road is to use it;

Whereas, the vehicle mile tax will rob more money out of the pockets of fixed income households, working wage earners, and small business owners who rely on transport to deliver their services;

Whereas, we must protect our freedom of mobility in our privately owned automobile; maintaining our privacy from a State tracking system, therefore, be it

Resolved, by the King County Republican Convention, we oppose a State Vehicle Mileage Tax / Road User Fee.

Respectfully submitted by, Howard Hultgren 01.

Resolution Prohibiting Confiscation of Property During an Emergency

Whereas, citizens of this State shall have not only the right to be free from the mere physical restraint of their person, but have the right to be free to lawfully acquire real and personal property and to use such property in all lawful ways as they see fit;

Whereas, executive orders, declarations of state of emergency, and increased regulatory power are being used more frequently to evade the legislative process;

Whereas, historically liberty and private property rights have been abridged during emergencies and remain vulnerable to further erosion during future crises, therefore, be it

Resolved, by the King County Republican Convention that we support Washington State HB 2974 (2016) that would prohibit the confiscation of an individual’s private, real, and personal property during an emergency.

Respectfully submitted by, Howard Hultgren 01.

A Call for Protecting our Property

Whereas, Americans cherish our freedoms; and,

Whereas, among those freedoms are the rights to life, liberty, and property; and,

Whereas, eminent domain abuse has allowed some groups of private individuals to collude with some political jurisdictions to confiscate the private homes and property of Americans for transfer to other private individuals and groups; and,

Whereas, such confiscation is often made for the purpose of increasing tax revenue; and,

Whereas, tax payments are already far too high for all Americans; and,

Whereas, we Republicans believe that Americans should be able to protect their own life, liberty, and property.

Whereas, this issue has come to the forefront in the 2016 Presidential campaign; now therefore be it

Resolved, that the KCGOP Convention calls upon the Congress of the United States and all Presidential candidates, to protect our property by committing to strict limitations on eminent domain takings.

Respectfully submitted by, John R Palmer, a Convention delegate from King County.

A Call for Protecting our Privacy

Whereas, Americans rely heavily on the security of our electronic data in order to maintain our privacy; and,

Whereas, the data encryption technology is crucial to maintain that privacy; and,

Whereas, there is a growing threat of information security breaches such as ransomware; and,

Whereas, the U.S. Government has been responsible for major information security breaches of personal information for millions of Americans; and,

Whereas, we Republicans believe that Americans should be able to protect their own life, liberty, and property; now therefore, be it

Resolved, the KCGOP Convention, calls upon the Congress of the United States to protect our privacy — by continuing to allow strong and independent encryption technologies.

Respectfully submitted by, John R Palmer, a Convention delegate from King County.

Resolution to Restore War-Making Powers to Congress

Whereas, Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution invests Congress with the sole power to declare war, and

Whereas, Federalist #69 clearly explains that the power to declare war was invested in Congress to prevent an excess of executive war-making authority, and

Whereas, the Obama/Clinton foreign policy team chose to intervene in the Libyan Civil War, waging war against the Gaddafi regime without Congressional authorization, and

Whereas, this Libyan intervention led to great loss of life, including those of four Americans, and

Whereas, a similar assertion of unilateral war-making authority led the administration to draw a mythical “red line” against the use of chemical weapons in Syria, and

Whereas, both the unconstitutional action in Libya and the threatened unconstitutional action in Syria contributed to the region’s instability, provided a haven for barbarous ISIS terrorists to operate and led to a dangerous loss of credibility for our foreign policy, emboldening our enemies, therefore be it

Resolved, that the King County GOP Convention urges Republicans in Congress to use their appropriations powers to prevent presidents from waging unconstitutional wars, and furthermore let it be

Resolved, that we urge any Republican assuming the office of president respect the Constitutional limitations on their power and wage war only:

1) In response to an attack
2) In response to an imminent attack 3) When duly authorized by Congress

Respectfully submitted by Paul Clark, 48th Legislative District.

Resolution to Restore Constitutional Limitations on the Presidency

Whereas, Article I of the US Constitution invests Congress with the sole power to legislate, and

Whereas, the current administration has chosen to unlawfully appropriate that legislative power to rewrite the Affordable Care Act, implementing it in direct contravention of the text of the statute and

Whereas, this administration has also falsely invoked “prosecutorial discretion” in an effort to rewrite clearly defined immigration law, and

Whereas, this administration has been rightfully rebuked by the US Supreme Court for abusing the recess appointment process by unlawfully installing officials onto the National Labor Relations Board, and

Whereas, this administration allowed officials in the IRS to carry out attacks on conservative political activists for constitutionally protected speech with no accountability for the lawlessness of those officials, and

Whereas, this administration has attempted to unlawfully regulate carbon emissions and seize control over large portions of our energy economy, and

Whereas, this administration’s FCC Commissioners have chosen to reclassify internet providers as utilities without any legislative input, further increasing the federal government’s control over the private sector, and

Whereas, this administration has subverted the law by unilaterally imposing a bankruptcy settlement in the cases of the Chrysler Corporation and General Motors to financially benefit their political allies, therefore let it be

Resolved, that the King County GOP Convention declares it is unlawful for any president, Republican or Democrat, to seize legislative powers simply because Congress has not acted in the way that he or she prefers, and furthermore let it be

Resolved, that we urge all Republican candidates for president to repudiate the unlawful use of executive authority, and furthermore let it be

Resolved, we declare that such unlawful actions are the essence of tyranny and must be confronted legislatively and judicially in any way possible.

Respectfully submitted by Paul Clark, 48th Legislative District

Resolution on Freedom of Religion

Whereas, freedom of religion is not about what a person does in the privacy of a church, synagogue of mosque. It is about a person having the right to act on his or her sincere personal religious beliefs in the public square;

Whereas, the Washington State Constitution guarantees: “Absolute freedom of conscience in all matters of religious sentiment, belief and worship, shall be guaranteed to every individual, and no one shall be molested or disturbed in person or property on account of religion;”

Whereas, the owners of Ralphs Thriftway pharmacy in Olympia have a sincere religious belief that the “morning after pill” causes a living child to die and their beliefs do not allow them to dispense this pill. There are 30 other pharmacies within a 5-mile radius that stock this pill so the state has no compelling interest in forcing this pharmacy to stock it. Still they have been forced to engage in debilitating litigation to protect their religious freedoms;

Whereas, the owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland believes God ordained the marriage sacrament between a man and a woman and, as a religious ordinance she is unable to use her creative talents as a florist to participate in a same-sex marriage. Obviously myriad other florists are available to provide flowers. She also is forced to engage in debilitating litigation to protect her religious freedom; and

Whereas, Attorney General Bob Ferguson has pursued both of these victims; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, the KCGOP Convention declares that (1) people should not be required to provide goods or services that violate their sincere religious beliefs absent a clear compelling state interest. The above two cases do not represent such a compelling state interest, and (2) we ask AG Bob Ferguson and the courts to recognize the importance of freedom of religion and to cease harassing Ralph’s Thriftway and Arlene’s Flowers.

A Resolution of the King County Republican Party Convention assembled in convention this April 16, 2016

Whereas, the current administration has, in an act of extreme hubris, and without submitting it to the constitutionally mandated ratification process, entered into an agreement with Iran concerning its program of enrichment of uranium to a “weapons grade” level that ignores the following truths which are known to all;

Whereas, that since its inception the Islamic Republic of Iran has violated every standard of conduct between nations including the invasion of diplomatic missions, kidnapping of accredited diplomats, sponsoring innumerable acts of terrorism and the murder of citizens of the United States and,

Whereas, the terms of the agreement the gave the Islamic Republic of Iran control over an enormous sum of money, thus, rewarding theses past outrages and creating an incentive for it to commit even greater barbarities,

Whereas, Iran has through a long train of acts and pronouncements pursuing invariably the same object evidenced its hegemonic and genocidal intent the result of the administration’s fundamentally b flawed agreement will be in the all too foreseeable future an Iran with the capability to turn its intentions into action.

Resolved, we the delegates to the 2016 King county republican convention, hereby resolve for the reasons stated above, the next president whoever it should be shall upon entering office take any and all necessary and proper steps to abrogate that agreement at the earliest possible date.

Respectfully Submitted for consideration by Jonathan M. Fox, PCO for SEA 46-2345 and delegate to this convention.

Resolution Supporting Second Amendment

Whereas, the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution secures an individual right to bear arms for self- defense;

Whereas, the Supreme Court in McDonald v. City of Chicago in 2010 upheld that the Second Amendment applies everywhere, to the states as well as federal jurisdictions like Washington, D.C.;

Whereas, the Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller in 2008 that the right to bear arms is considered a fundamental right; and

Whereas, the gun control lobbies are proposing new Washington State legislation that would undermine the rights of law abiding citizens; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, that the King County Grand Old Party (KCGOP) Convention, on behalf of its members:

1. opposes House Bill 1747 to impose criminal penalties for “child endangerment due to unsafe storage of a firearm” since there is an existing endangerment statue and firearms are at the bottom of the list of items causing injury and/or death to children;

2. opposes House Bill 2461 to allow family members or law enforcement to petition the court to issue an “extreme risk protection order,” taking away someone’s Second Amendment rights without due process;

3. opposes House Bill 2372 to permit law enforcement to destroy firearms that have been seized or forfeited. Existing law allows local municipalities to sell seized and forfeited firearms to raise money for local public safety;

4. and opposes House Bill 2460 to allow local municipalities to ban the possession of firearms in public parks, recreational facilities, libraries and in all public transportation. Not only would this effectively take away the right of self-defense in these public places, but it would weaken the preemption statute and opening the door to allow for the local prohibition of firearms. The preemption statute is put in place to prevent local municipalities from creating a patchwork of complex and confusing gun laws that could ensnare gun owners unaware of the laws.

Respectfully submitted by, Joe Merritt, 5th Legislative District.

Resolution to Require Tent Encampment Reform and Effective Services for Tent Encampment Residents

Whereas, Seattle has contracted with SHARE (Seattle Housing and Resource Effort) to manage the expanded tent encampment program, but with no transparency and little oversight by the city;

Whereas, SHARE’s style of tent city management can lead to the abuse of the homeless residents they claim to serve;

Whereas, Seattle intends to use tent cities as the intake place for our city’s homeless. Homeless people, including families with children, are referred to the tent cities to await their intake interview, which can be up to a 6 week wait;

Whereas, in the screen in process for SHARE tent encampments, tent city residents are required to sign a form that says they can be evicted (barred) from the encampment for calling 911, except life or death emergencies. There are documented examples of women being kicked out of camp for calling 911 when they were raped (one by the camp head of security). (Google – “they didn’t want to call the cops”, also documented in Seattle Civil Rights complaints);

Whereas, tent encampments have organized their own “camp security”. In some cases the Head of Security has had outstanding domestic violence warrants, or sex offender problems. This creates an environment of feeling unaccountable to the real police officers and an arbitrary enforcement of tent city rules, favoring friends etc. Police have been told that campers have “immunity“ from the police. (Bellevue police report);

Whereas, tent city residents are “forced” to attend public protests. (SHARE claims this is not true and that residents have other options to complete community points, but this is not effectively true). If residents do not attend the protests, Scott Marrow, SHARE’s leader, has removed portable potties, withheld bus tickets, closed shelters, forced camps to public areas, etc. (google – “Is the Godfather running Share”);

Whereas, SHARE does not allow social workers or neighbors, with skills, to help campers on their church hosted tent city sites. Tent city residents are also prohibited from talking to the hosting church members. Often, campers that could really benefit from services, don’t make those connections that could change their lives;

Whereas, local governments are very concerned that they make the tent cities a viable option for as many as possible. But, tent cities have weekly meetings where they “vote“ on proposed “barrs”. Residents can be “barred” for the most simple of reasons, the cause listed on official forms is “for causing disharmony to the camp”. A barr means that a resident is unable to go to any homeless encampment or indoor shelter run by SHARE. There is evidence of people who have been barred for calling 911 when raped, talking to the head of security’s girlfriend, accepting presents for their children, not protesting, etc. (SHARE’s own barr lists); Therefore, be it

Resolved, by the King County Republican Convention, we call for changes to the Tent Encampment program that will eliminate corruption and abuses within the program and help tent city residents to obtain the necessary social services to improve their situation and find permanent housing, and be it further

Resolved, that any and all social service providers must be allowed on tent city sites. That attending public protests may not be a used to obtain community points and not attending public protests may not be used to deny tent city services. That the “barring” system must be operated fairly, by city or county personnel. That tent cities may not run their own security in lieu of appropriate police jurisdiction.

Respectfully submitted by, Karin Ockerman 01-2488.

A Call for an Immediate Moratorium on any New Toll Lanes in the State of Washington

Whereas, Toll lanes have been scientifically and independently proven to increase commute times.

Whereas, Construction of toll lanes reduce capacity during construction. Commuter delays during construction have a negative impact on the economy without any future return on investment.

Whereas, Construction and maintenance of toll lanes are extremely expensive.

Whereas, Toll lane expenses monopolize and divert funds that can be used for projects to increase capacity and reduce choke points.

Resolved: The KCGOP Convention opposes any effort to fund, plan, permit and construct new hot lane  or toll lane projects.

Submitted by Jeff Wyborny

PCO Woodside Precinct, 11th Legislative District, King County

Resolution Opposing Fraud Lawsuits Against Climate Change Skeptics

Whereas, the Attorneys General of seventeen states and the U.S. Virgin Islands, led by former Vice President Albert Gore and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, have combined forces to investigate and bring lawsuits against companies and individuals who have publicly questioned whether climate change is caused primarily by human activities, publicly opposed implementation of policies to attempt to reverse climate change by limiting use of fossil fuels, or lobbied Congress and other legislative bodies regarding such policies; and,

Whereas, such legal action is a clear attempt to suppress participation by climate change skeptics in the public policy debate regarding climate change, its causes, and possible actions to be taken in response to it; and,

Whereas, the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article I Section 5 of the Washington State Constitution protect the right of the people to freely speak, write, and publish on all subjects; and,

Whereas, many states including Washington have established statutes to protect this First Amendment right by prohibiting Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) such as those being made or threatened by these attorneys general; now be it therefore

Resolved, that the KCGOP Convention opposes all attempts to suppress debate on the subject of climate change through abusive lawsuits brought by attorneys general or private parties claiming that skeptics are engaged in “fraud”; and be it further

Resolved, that the KCGOP Convention recommends that those who bring such lawsuits should be subject to sanctions under SLAPP laws.

Proposed by Toby Nixon, Delegate from the 45th District (KIR 45-2423) and city council member of Kirkland.


Whereas the People’s Choice Initiative 872 of 2004 created a “top two” party primary, in which the primary serves as a means of winnowing the candidates to two rather than selecting party nominations;

Whereas each candidate and his party preference is in turn designated on the primary election ballot, and a political party cannot prevent a candidate who is unaffiliated with, or even repugnant to, the party from designating it as his party of preference;

Whereas the top two party primary violates its associational rights by usurping its right to nominate its own candidates and by forcing it to associate with candidates it does not endorse;

Whereas the top two primary allows candidates to misappropriate the Republican Party name for individual electoral advantage;

Whereas the top two primary is a disservice to voters because the party preference information does not let the voter know whether the candidate shares any Republican values; and

Whereas the “prefers” language is disregarded in common discussion of candidates among the news media, social media, the public and voters in general – it is treated as affiliation with the Republican party;

Whereas the party name is the only information provided to voters at the critical moment of exercising their franchise; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, that the King County Grand Old Party (KCGOP), on behalf of its members:

1. proposes legislation to change the top two primary to closed primary

Respectfully submitted  by, Joe Merritt on behalf of Dave Hickman.

Resolution Study to assume ownership of BLM controlled land

Whereas citizens of this State, such as those in Kitsap county, have lost lives and property due to the inability of the Bureau of Land Management to effectively fight fires on nationally owned land in our state;

Whereas a large percentage of land in western states contains nationally managed land to the extent that the Bureau of Land Management cannot employ enough people to effectively manage and protect nationally owned property;

Whereas confrontations are escalating between the Bureau of Land Management and citizens of western states in which the citizens are experiencing encroachment by the Bureau of Land Management onto private property and loss of property and livestock;

Resolved, by the King County Republican Convention that we encourage the Washington State Legislature to create a committee to study the feasibility of Washington State assuming ownership and responsibility of managing currently under the control of the Bureau of Land Management.

Respectfully submitted by Elaine Hill, 47th LD


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