This morning, U.S. Senator Rand Paul discussed the need for immigration reform on a teleconference call hosted by the Partnership for a New American Economy. Sen. Paul reiterated his support for immigration reform and expressed his desire for an open dialogue on the issue.

Following the teleconference, King County Republican Party Chair Lori Sotelo and 1st Congressional District GOP candidate Pedro Celis took the opportunity to issue statements on immigration reform.

“Immigration reform is as important as it is complex,” said Sotelo. “It is an issue that carries economic, social service and national security implications. It’s about jobs, education and safeguarding our communities. To do nothing is de facto amnesty and degrades the security of our nation.  I am pleased to see GOP legislators assuming leadership on this issue and welcome Congress taking on immigration reform this year.”

“One thing that no one will deny is that illegal immigration represents a real problem for our economy and our national security,” said Celis.  “I do not support amnesty, but we can find ways to restore the integrity of our borders and reform a broken system.  I will work with any and all business people, elected officials of both parties, community leaders, and immigrant groups to forge an immigration solution that preserves the real value of what it is to become an American, provides clear documentation for the workers our economy needs and discourages future illegal immigration.”