BELLEVUE, WA – Washington State Representative Joe Fitzgibbon (D-34th LD) took to his Twitter account to lambast the State of Arizona after the Seattle Seahawks’ loss yesterday. Fitzgibbon described Arizona as a “desert racist wasteland.” King County Republican Party Chair Lori Sotelo issued the following statement in response:

“Learning to accept defeat with grace is one of the most important lessons we learn as children. Representative Fitzgibbon is a grown man who has been entrusted with the responsibility to represent the 34th Legislative District in the Washington State legislature. His elected position makes him the mouthpiece of his constituents and—by extension—the State of Washington. Fitzgibbon’s careless remarks on Twitter made national news. His contempt toward the State of Arizona has stirred divisive sentiments that reflect poorly on both his district and state. Fitzgibbon’s petulant remarks—or, better put, insults—toward another state are not representative of citizens in the 34th District, who deserve better and, at the very least, an apology.”