Earlier this year, Senator Dino Rossi and Senator Steve O’Ban questioned whether Sound Transit misled voters and called for the Senate Law and Justice Committee to investigate the organization. Yesterday, the committee held the last of two investigatory public hearings on Sound Transit and ST3. The investigation focused on Sound Transit’s vehicle valuation system that lead to extremely expensive car tab fees, as well as the massive release of 173,000 transit user emails to the political campaign advocating for ST3 last year.

Both of the main issues covered in the hearings demonstrate overreach from Sound Transit. The outdated valuation system Sound Transit uses has lead to a steep increase in car tab fees and has caught voters in the region off guard. Many residents have seen car tab increases of hundreds of dollars. In addition, the release of 173,000 emails held by Sound Transit to the ST3 campaign was extremely careless and according to an article from KIRO Radio, no one from the organization was even punished for the incident.

The use of the valuation system that has lead to extremely expensive car tabs as well as the massive release of 173,000 emails clearly shows that Sound Transit is not responsible. Thankfully, Republican lawmakers and activists are standing up for us by holding Sound Transit accountable.