Today, the KCGOP sent out that press release as a response to Jay Inslee’s “Results WA” initiative, a program he promised would be out 3 months after taking office. 9 months later, he finally has a website up, but the substance of the program is nowhere to be found. Tomorrow he is holding a “twitter townhall” from 10-11 AM to ask the public to fill in all of his Xs… since apparently he can’t. We’re also curious why Inslee would hold a town hall in the middle of the day when people are working. He could have at least chosen a typical lunch hour. If you happen to find some time, let’s participate in this town hall by tweeting to @GovInslee using the hashtag #ResultsWA.


Visit and be sure to check out the education and government reform sections for ideas like, “Increase timely delivery for state services from X to X by 20XX (TBD).”

Read Adam Faber’s post on Sound Politics about Results WA at: