By rejecting Proposition 1, King County voters sent a message of reform to King County Executive Dow Constantine and the County Council. King County Chair Lori Sotelo issued the following statement,

“King County taxpayers have a long history of supporting transit in our region. Our elected county officials must listen to the message of reform voters sent by rejecting Proposition 1. Before voters trust government with more of their resources, government must make real reforms. King County cannot continue to throw good money after bad.

“Unfortunately, King County Executive Dow Constantine appears more interested in punishing voters for rejecting Prop 1 than listening to their message. Constantine responded to the election results by saying,

“There are no other options but to cut service.”

“Constantine does have other options. Rather than punishing voters, King County must seek solutions for the unique transportation needs of our booming region and true reforms for a cost-effective 21st century transit system.”