Earlier this week, the Trump administration announced the 2020 Census would be asking a citizenship question. Just one day later, Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced he would be suing the administration yet again, claiming that including the question violates the Constitution. The upcoming Census will simply ask the question: “Is this person a citizen of the United States?” This is the exact same language used in 2000.

Attorney General Ferguson is teaming up with California to challenge the constitutionality of this question, even though it has been on many censuses in the past. According to Politifact, “a question about U.S. citizenship status appeared in censuses in 1820 and 1830; in 1870, for males 21 years of age and older; and has appeared since 1890, with the exception of 1960, according to 2009 U.S. Census Bureau information.”

For those of you who have lost count of how many times Attorney General Ferguson has sued President Trump, the answer is now a staggering 23 times. Now why would a state attorney general be suing a presidential administration nearly two dozen times in just over a year? AG Ferguson clearly has his sights set on the governor’s mansion, and he’s even using these lawsuits to fundraise for his campaign.

In a statement, AG Ferguson said “I won’t allow the Trump Administration to play politics with the Census at the expense of all Washingtonians.” Isn’t it a bit ironic for him to accuse someone of playing politics, when he is the one suing the President for his own political gain?

It seems as if AG Ferguson thinks his full time job is to find reasons to sue the Trump administration, rather than do the job he was elected to do and protect Washingtonians.