Where did those four years go? See below for the schedule of Caucuses and Conventions in King County.

Register for your Legislative District caucus HERE.

We have temporarily postponed the next 12 District Caucuses due to health and safety concerns related to the Coronavirus.

Please be on the look out for future updates!


POSTPONED – 1st, 11th, 33rd, and 37th Legislative District Caucuses

POSTPONED – 5th, 30th, 36th, and 43rd Legislative District Caucuses

POSTPONED – 32nd, 34th, 41st, and 48th Legislative District Caucuses


Saturday, April 18th, 2020: King County Convention

Thursday, May 14th – Saturday, May 16th: Washington State Convention

Monday, August 24th – Thursday, August 27th: Republican National Convention

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