Transportation Choices Coalition (TCC) is a very powerful non-profit that has greatly influenced transportation in King County with very little sunshine on who they are. This small group made up of current and former elected officials, as well as Democrat political operatives and many other names you may recognize, played a very significant role in the ST3 campaign and has raised billions of dollars for large transportation projects. TCC does not report the donations they receive, most importantly from publicly funded agencies, which means tax dollars. Considering the lack of public oversight and the amount of political power wielded in the Puget Sound region, TCC should be subject to independent investigation.

According to The Seattle Times, TCC has raised billions of dollars for ballot measures related to transportation, “yet despite TCC’s remarkable political success and influence on the public purse, it has never registered as a political committee with with the state Public Disclosure Commission.” TCC is not subject to the rules that many similar grassroots organizations must abide by.

Additionally, TCC is a beneficiary of taxpayer money, due to expensive membership fees. In the same Seattle Times article mentioned above, it is reported that “more than $1 million in public dollars funded TCC over the last decade, including at least $351,855 from Sound Transit, $363,500 from King County, $256,620 from Seattle and $73,500 from Pierce Transit.”

It is very clear that TCC is not being held accountable and it is time for that to change. TCC is very much a political organization and should be required to file as one with the Public Disclosure Commission. Due to the lack of transparency and amount of taxpayer dollars they receive, Transportation Choices Coalition should be subject to an independent investigation, and voters should demand it.