Governor Inslee’s dream of enacting a carbon tax to limit carbon emissions failed again last week, this time in the state legislature controlled by his own party. The Governor and his alter ego, “Captain Planet,” can’t seem to get this piece of legislation passed, whether by ballot measure or through the legislature. However, the day after it failed in the legislature, a carbon tax initiative was filed yet again, even though nearly 60% of Washington voters rejected a similar initiative in 2016. Governor Inslee and the rest of those advocating for a carbon tax do not seem to understand one very clear issue: a carbon tax is unwanted.

Todd Myers from the Washington Policy Center recently wrote a piece that goes through some of the issues of the initiative. In the article, Todd explains that “it will increase gas taxes by 15 cents a gallon and add another 2 cents a gallon every year… it would increase to 43 cents per gallon of gasoline by  2030.” Todd goes on to write that “households will pay an estimated $260 more a year in 2020, rising to $750 a year in 2030.”

In addition to raising costs for families and commuters, Todd Myers claims that “although the proposal claims to be about reducing CO2 emissions, the money is spent on a wide range of left-wing causes.”

A carbon tax ballot measure was soundly rejected by Washington voters in 2016 and just failed in the legislature last week, yet “Captain Planet” and the rest of those advocating for a carbon tax are still trying to find a way to force its creation, this time as another initiative. Voters should do what they did in 2016 and soundly reject the carbon tax that will likely appear on their ballots again soon.