Heroin use around the country has always been a very serious problem. Over the last decade or so, the heroin epidemic has been worsening extremely quickly. According to statistics from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the number of deaths from heroin has grown exponentially since 2010.

What have Democratic leaders in King County suggested to handle this problem? Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and King County Executive Dow Constantine are advocating for safe injection sites. These sites would allow drug users to inject heroin and take other opioids with medical supervision. According to KIRO News, “Murray admitted to KIRO Radio’s Ron and Don that the city doesn’t know for sure if safe injection sites will work and they’d like to do it as a pilot project to see if it helps Seattle’s drug problem.” One site is proposed for Seattle and the other is proposed for somewhere else in King County.

Thankfully, Republican Legislators from King County see the danger in this plan and are fighting against it. State Senator Mark Miloscia of the 30th Legislative District sponsored a bill in the Senate to ban these heroin injection sites. Earlier this month, Senate Bill 5223 was passed by the Senate and it is now in the House. Senator Miloscia also sent a formal request to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, asking the federal government to ban the safe injection sites. In his letter, Senator Miloscia wrote: “Government-sanctioned facilitation of addicts to abuse illegal drugs is not compassionate, and it does not solve the problem.”

Ultimately, this plan for safe injection sites that is being pushed by Ed Murray and Dow Constantine would tolerate illegal drug use, instead of trying to fix the problem of heroin addiction. Rather than focusing on treatment and getting addicts off of heroin, these leaders are making it easier to use the drug. Republican state Senator Mark Miloscia understands the danger of this plan, and he is strongly fighting back against safe injection sites.