Earlier this week on January 1st, a new tax on sugary drinks in Seattle officially went into effect. Originally approved by the Seattle City Council by a vote of 7-1 in June of 2017,  the new tax adds a cost of 1.75 cents per ounce on a variety of drinks such as soda, energy drinks, sports drinks, and more. The tax will officially be paid by distributors, but they will be passing on the added cost to consumers. Check out our original blog on the soda tax here

Seattle officials originally promoted this tax as a way of making the city healthier. However, the tax will directly impact small businesses in a negative way and as Dori Monson points out, it also targets the working class.

Recently, a photo from a local Seattle Costco has been posted on social media describing the tax and notifying shoppers of nearby stores that are not impacted by the raise in price. Kudos to Costco for looking out for their customers and shining a light on the egregious change.