The King County Republican Party is continuing a series that highlights a number of President Donald Trump’s successes from his first 100 days in office (to read the first two posts of the series, click here). Here are another five early achievements from President Trump and his administration:

  1. According to a White House memo, on February 23rd, the Department of the Treasury “sanctioned 25 entities and individuals involved in Iran’s ballistic missile program.” These sanctions show that the Trump administration is committed to holding Iran accountable.
  2. President Trump saved the American taxpayers over $700 million on an order of 90 F-35 fighter jets. The President negotiated a $8.5 billion deal with Lockheed Martin, saving over $700 million compared to the most recent order of the jets.
  3. On February 16th, “the President signed into law H.J. Resolution 38, which eliminated a burdensome energy regulation that grew the federal bureaucracy and put upward pressure on energy costs,” according to the same White House memo cited above. The regulation that was eliminated had to deal with stream protection and would have had a very negative impact on coal miners.
  4. On February 9th, President Trump signed an executive order that is aimed at protecting law enforcement officers. These officers sacrifice a great deal to protect Americans and the Trump administration is working to keep them safe.
  5. Also on February 9th, the President signed a different executive order that asked the Attorney General to create a “Task Force on Crime and Public Safety.” This action by President Trump shows his desire to protect Americans.

The framework is in place for what will become a successful presidency for the Trump administration as he has worked to limit the size of the Federal Government, save taxpayers money, protect our law enforcement officers and citizens, hold Iran accountable, and more. The KCGOP will conclude this series on President Trump’s first 100 days in office next week.