This past weekend, more than 500 Republicans descended upon Ocean Shores to attend the Roanoke Conference. It was a great opportunity for open discussion of issues that are important to our party. Some of the discussion topics covered this year were common core, human trafficking, the gas tax and youth in politics. Very interesting panelists led the discussion and took questions. We could have used a few more days!
On Sunday, to conclude the weekend, attendees participated in a Presidential Straw Poll. The microphones were open for anyone to nominate their candidates. It was interesting for this County Party Chairman to hear people so firmly talk about the reasons we should support one candidate or another. Some were passionate about individual candidates, others were interested in candidates who had executive experience or another important line on their resume. In the end, Scott Walker took the highest number of votes followed by Condoleezza Rice with Mitt Romney and Bobby Jindal tied for third.
As I reflected on the Straw Poll exercise, the overall sentiment I felt was the desire to elect a Republican President in 2016. It was clear and deeply expressed by all segments of those present. It was a great spirit with which to end the Conference. I firmly believe that for Republicans to elect a Republican President, we must agree to unify behind the eventual nominee of our party. Certainly we must passionately advocate for the candidate we wish to be the nominee but when the nominee has been chosen, we lock arms and stand firmly with that candidate. 
Go Seahawks!
Lori Sotelo, Chairman
King County Republican Party