The last couple of days have been a big deal in the course of politics for both King County and Olympia. Wednesday evening was the standing room only launch for Teri Hickel’s campaign for 30th Legislative District State Representative attended by legislators and supporters from across the state. On Thursday morning nearly one thousand people woke up early to attend King County Councilmember Jane Hague’s kickoff breakfast at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue. Both races highlight two outstanding women with a deep understanding of public service and their enthusiastic supporters showed that they are ready to win!

There is much at stake this election year…

The hinge that swings the House in Olympia to a Republican majority will be a win for Republicans in the 30th Legislative District. In the 2014 midterm election, Republicans won an open seat in the state Senate (in the 30th) for an outright Republican Majority in that chamber, and picked up four seats in the House. There are ninety-eight seats in Olympia’s House of Representatives. The current margins are 51 Democrats to 47 Republicans. A victory for Teri Hickel brings the margin to a razor thin 50/48 going into an election year in favor of the GOP.

Seattle dominates King County government. While the population of King County has swelled to more than 2.07 million people, only a little over 30% live in Seattle. The Big Blue City gobbles resources and services far exceeding their population, while the rest of King County struggles under pressure on communities and infrastructure. Dow Constantine would love one more Seattle liberal on the County Council to move legislation through in uncontestable majorities. We can’t afford those kinds of policies. Jane Hague is a tireless Eastside Advocate who is responsive and engaged in her community.

All over King County, Republicans have answered the call to serve their communities, not only in legislative and county races but in your cities. Some of those candidates have contested and challenging races. Sadly, many people will not return their ballots this year because there is not a Presidential candidate on the ballot. Your vote will be critical this year in the August Primary and November General Election…a Republican turnout in this year’s elections means our candidates win!

To Victory,

Lori Sotelo, Chairman