Democrats want a Government Shutdown.

Earlier this week Democrat House Speaker Frank Chopp and his Democratic members set into motion a series of events in Olympia aimed at shutting down Washington State Government. First, Speaker Chopp demanded withdrawal from the ongoing and successful Transportation package negotiations. Then, Speaker Chopp demanded the same action in the equally successful Capital Budget negotiations. Not voting on these critical packages for the state this year could delay a deal for two more years.

The Democrats want an income tax and they are willing to hold all government hostage to get what they want. This is a bold move considering over many decades (most recently in 2010 with the defeat of I-1098) the voters of Washington State have time and time again said they do not want an income tax.

The Senate passed their budget weeks ago, complete with funding sources. The House Democrats voted on a spending wish list without making up their minds on how to pay for it. Now, House Speaker Chopp wants hardworking Washingtonians to pay the price for the divisive actions of his caucus.

The House Democrats need to gather up their courage and take a vote on their new taxes, then come to the table so the two bodies of the Legislature can negotiate.

With the two other critical negotiations shut down by Frank Chopp in the Democratically controlled House, and no action by House Democrats on the Operations Budget, reaching a deal by June 30th is looking bleak.

The Democrats want to shut down your government.

Contact your legislators in Olympia and tell them “The citizens of Washington State want legislators back at the table for the Transportation and Capital Budget negotiations. And they want House Democrats to decide how to fund their spending plan and sit down with the Senate to pass a Budget.”

To Victory,

Lori Sotelo, Chairman