Last evening the people of Washington went to bed thinking the Legislature had finished work on their behalf. Unfortunately, we all woke up to the rude reality that Senate Democrats would rather play games with the security of Washington State. That’s right, early this morning, Democrats in the State Senate reneged on their agreement and voted to blow a $2 Billion hole in the state budget.

Republicans championed a budget that includes a $1.3 billion increase in K-12 spending, cost of living increases for our teachers and state employees and historic tuition cuts for our students in higher education all without new taxes.

It is time for Democrats in the Legislature and Governor Inslee to honor the promise they made just five short days ago!

Contact these Senate Democrats to tell them to stand by their word!

Senator Cyrus Habib, 48th LD: 360-786-7694 [email protected]

Senator Karen Keiser, 33rd LD: 360-786-7664 [email protected]

Senator Sharon Nelson, 34th LD: 360-786-7667 [email protected]

To Victory,

Lori Sotelo, Chairman