This past Monday, President’s Day, was our Annual KCGOP Grassroots Day at the Capitol. Our packed bus of energized grassroots activists and College Republicans arrived early in the morning at our state’s capitol. The day’s activities included a tour of the Secretary of State’s Office with a visit from our own Secretary Kim Wyman followed by a tour of the capitol building and grounds. We then had lunch with our King County Republican legislators who briefed us on the important work taking place in both the House and Senate this session. We ended the afternoon by attending committee hearings and meeting with our district legislators. It was our most successful year yet!

The highlight for many was lunch with our King County legislators. Each and every Republican Representative and Senator elected from King County took a break from their hectic schedules to visit with us and share their perspective on upcoming legislation, their committee work and other significant issues are on the forefront.

One of the recurring themes of our lunch discussion with our King County Legislators was their resolve to hold steady on sound budgeting and reforms that do not include new taxes in order to meet our responsibility to educate our children and provide for our communities. You might recall Candidate Jay Inslee during the 2012 election saying this…“I would veto anything that heads the wrong direction and the wrong direction is new taxes in the state of Washington”. Our King County Legislators were pretty clear that they liked what Candidate Inslee had to say about taxes in 2012 a lot more than what Governor Inslee’s budget proposes in a confusing carbon tax and his “Not an Income Tax” tax on capital gains.

We also enjoyed visiting with our UW College Republicans who came along on the trip. KCGOP is proud to support our local College Republican chapters. They are a great way to engage young people in the party and get them plugged into local politics and the legislature. Many of our former KCGOP or King County campaign staff got their start in College Republicans on their campus.

Thank you SO much to all who attended on Monday and to Secretary Wyman and our King County Legislators who took time from their busy day to update us on their important work. We hope to see you all next year on President’s Day…Monday February 15, 2016!