Earlier this year, King County Executive Dow Constantine proposed an increase in the sales tax to pay for arts, science, and cultural programs in the county. This proposal demonstrated Executive Constantine’s lack of understanding of the issues in King County, further proving that he is out of touch with his constituents. The proposed sales tax increase was put to a vote for the August 1st Primary. Thankfully, voters have made themselves heard through their vote to reject this sales tax increase.

After a recent update from King County Elections, King County Proposition No. 1 was being rejected by a vote of 50.93% to 49.07% and there are not enough ballots left to be counted to flip the result. Voters across King County are feeling the pain of an already very high sales tax, as well as increased car tab fees and more. King County residents are putting their foot down and saying no to an unnecessary and unwanted tax increase.

The Seattle Times recently published an editorial in which the authors explained: “King County voters don’t just want to throw money at their government.” After having to empty their pockets to fund ST3 and other large projects, it is clear that King County citizens are fed up with tax increases.

Voters are showing Executive Constantine that it is time to shift the focus to issues that really matter, such as homelessness and the opioid epidemic. The rejection of the increased sales tax proves that King County Executive Dow Constantine does not understand the real needs of the county.