Last week, The Wall Street Journal published an editorial piece highlighting Governor Jay Inslee’s hypocrisy when it comes to the issue of the climate and carbon emissions. The WSJ Editorial Board pointed out that Governor Inslee has been using taxpayer money to pay for a climate advisor, Chris Davis, to commute from Marrakesh, Morocco to Seattle, emitting thousands of pounds of carbon along the way. This seems awfully hypocritical coming from a governor who is pushing a carbon tax, on a less than enthusiastic citizenry, to limit carbon emissions.

The fact that The Wall Street Journal, a major national publication, broke the story is also troubling. Why does it take a large nationwide newspaper, as opposed to the local media, to shed light on these kinds of abuses? Local news outlets have the responsibility of asking the Governor’s office these kinds of questions.

The Wall Street Journal piece states that “when Mr. Davis traveled from Marrakesh to New York to Washington for work this fall, he incurred more than $3,700 in taxpayer-funded expenses. He emitted more than 4,500 pounds of carbon on the journey, according to a United Nations flight emissions calculator. The Governor’s office also approved $2,082 in expenses for Mr. Davis’s expedition from Morocco to Germany in November.” It is simply not okay for these commutes around the world to cost Washington taxpayers thousands of dollars and it is blatantly hypocritical for the Governor to tacitly be responsible for such a large amount of carbon emissions.

After The Wall Street Journal piece was written, Dori Monson and Jason Rantz both wrote on the issue for MyNorthwest. Other than those two conservative talk show hosts calling out the Governor on this issue, the local media has done very little with this story. Two letters to the editor pieces have been published by two different local newspapers, but that seems to be it. You can find the two letters here and here.

Thank you to The Wall Street Journal for writing on this issue and bringing Governor Inslee’s misuse of taxpayer money and hypocrisy to light. If we are really interested in transparency and fiscal responsibility in government, this kind of story should not be ignored by local media outlets in Washington.

UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal has again broken a story regarding Governor Inslee’s climate change hypocrisy. You can read the new piece here.